Yellow and Blue

About Yellow and Blue

Yellow and Blue (YaB) is a forward-thinking, non-profit organisation primarily supporting vulnerable members in the Wrexham community. It aims to help anyone struggling, facing short- or long-term hardship, illness and disability.

The Story Behind YaB

YaB has been operating in Wrexham since 2017 and formally registered in April 2020. They have already made a difference by delivering 50 tons of food to the homeless across the county last Christmas.

They have distributed more than 9,000 meals to the homeless, elderly and vulnerable throughout the county.

The Hub was also the base for rucksack charity and shoebox appeals collecting donations of essentials and gifts distributed to families in financial crisis, the homeless community and refugee camps across Europe.

The founder Pete Humphreys gained inspiration for the concept of Yellow and Blue from a series of personal life events and causes close to his heart. In 2015, a very close friend of Pete’s sadly lost her fight against cancer. The ‘Yellow’ sunflower represents her as she was such a vibrant and uplifting person. A year later, Pete lost his dad to the same disease after an 18-month battle. At the same time, his Mum was also fighting cancer and thankfully received the all-clear 12 months later.

The ‘Blue’ represents Pete’s father’s dog, who was named Blue.

The Moment of Inspiration

Pete Humphries

After this series of life-changing events, Pete found himself lost in depression and classed as “hidden homeless” in Wrexham. Facing many mental health challenges, it was at this point in his life that he became inspired to give. He believed that a community could help provide something positive and overcome any negative challenges someone may be facing.

YaB’s Goals and Mission

The Wrexham town centre hub that YaB is creating will be vibrant, fun, full of support and open to all. People can grab a bite to eat in the café, children can play and families can make memories. There will be a regular list of activities for people and quick reactive support for those seeking it.The overall intention is for it to be a place for everyone to enjoy and feel at home.

Activities and Support

YaB will provide a programme of activities, such as workshops and social events for the ill, disabled, homeless or those suffering from mental health issues.

YaB Need Your Help!

Wrexham businesses and residents: please get in touch if you want to help create something incredible in the heart of your town!

Online Discos

Matthew Williams first got involved with Yellow and Blue in early 2020. He loved music but had never thought about learning how to be a DJ. Matthew, who has cerebral palsy, received training from Yellow and Blue and now hosts regular online discos for disabled people in North Wales.

Helping Homeless Community Members

Since the Hub has been under construction, they’ve had several formerly and currently homeless community members coming in to volunteer. These volunteers have helped paint and build in exchange for hot meals and company. Joanne, 38, has just found accommodation after being homeless. She says: “We are like their family. It’s not just the food that they give, they make us feel welcome in here.”

The Future

Yellow and Blue envisage the Hub providing many more opportunities for people in crisis to gain new skills and experience and help them take a new direction in life. Let’s give Pete the final word: “A place to do, a place to read, a place to sing, a place to play, a place to grow, a place to feel a part of the town.”

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