Wrexfest returns 2nd June to 4th June 2022.

About Wrexfest

Change Wrexham

Change Wrexham is a Community group whose aim is to promote positive and change in Wrexham through the arts. Change Wrexham was born after founder, Beth Jones put an impassioned plea out on facebook asking people to “Change Wrexham for Our Future” by liking a facebook page. The page now has over 3,000 likes and will us this page to promote anything in Wrexham that positively impacts Wrexham, whether it’s a simple Coffee Morning or a huge event like Comic Con or Focus Wales. At the heart of the project is the vision of re-generating Wrexham town centre through music, arts and culture. For Co-organiser Brendan Griffiths the idea was sparked after conducting extensive studies during his degree on urban regeneration in Manchester. Change Wrexham founder Beth Bennett was inspired to action after reading word after word of negative reports on Wrexham in the media.


Wrexfest is a multi venue yearly event celebrating the arts and culture in Wrexham. Wrexfest is similar to events like Focus Wales in terms of music but is unique as it combines the arts, the Welsh Language and the people of Wrexham. Wrexfest is the social glue that bonds these elements together. Our main area of activity is facilitating and supporting community events in Wrexham. We put on our own Wrexfest and change Wrexham events on a regular basis, including HOUSE of LUX shows which combine music and the arts to create an audio visual extravaganza. WREXFEST and HOUSE of LUX between them have championed many local, national and international acts that have gone on to achieve critical and commercial acclaim. Previous acts have included The Slow Readers Club, Gulf, The Amazons, The Sundowners, Seazoo, The Candelas, Colorama, The Mysterines, Mik Artisk’s Ego Trip, Baby Brave, The Royston Club, Gallops, My Bad Sister, Mugstar, Audiofarm DJs, The Vryll Society, Hidden Charms, Castles, We Are Animal, Viola Beach, The Revolutionary Spirit, Rich List plus more Billed as more than just a music festival Wrexfest has featured theatre, film, spoken word and dance and featured performances from the Nation Theatre of Wales and more. Wrexfest have hosted annual Festivals from 2013 – 2019. Wrexfest has been unable to host a Festival for the last two years due to COVID restrictions but will return in Summer 2022 with a new event.