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Xs Wrexham – 25th November 2022

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Subtle and beatiful vocals with the dainty nimble sound of the Ukulele. Goggirl drives the local solo artist scene in Wrexham as a director of Voicebox collective. Focused on not only her own music but also with a passion to help other artists grow within our community.

Oliver Cairnes

Oliver Carins Founding members OF scarfoot, Oliver is the sonic visionary for the sound of Scarfoot. There is no secret, just the 11 string beauty and electric steel. Oliver is also another singer for Scarfoot. Acoustically Ollie coats his acoustic guitar in a dreamy reverb filling the room with a tone that demands you listen and take note as the story of the songs is revealed one by one.

Miserable Sinner

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MIserable Sinner is the stage name of Bad Earth founding member Steve Coxon. Gruff and strong vocals pounding out acoustic version of the doom stoner driven metal band based in North Wales. Acoustically the songs still drive home there meaning as songs about speeding on the A55 and murders of the past draw you in to listen to the story line, but the catchy riffs get your foot tapping. Captivating acoustically or with the full bass driven band sound.

Ryan McCombes

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Coming off the success of the inaugural 2019 UK acoustic dates, singer Ryan McCombs and company have set out to continue sharing their “acoustic-ISH” peak into some of the classic songs that Ryan co-wrote during his times with metal bands SOiL and Drowning Pool.

“This is something that I’ve wanted to do and thought about doing for years. It wasn’t until moving to England and meeting musicians; Beau Stevens (guitar), Chris Phillips (drums) and Julien Morrez (guitars/bass) that I met them through Music House No.37 that I felt comfortable in that I had found a group of musicians that understood my vision and were capable of taking the rock/metal songs from my past and not just playing them on acoustic instruments but breaking them down so that I could share them in a completely new manner.

”Ryan points to the response that this venture has received as to why they have decided to continue further with it, “The response has been everything I could have hoped for. I wasn’t sure how this would be accepted but it’s been very fulfilling to see and hear the feedback.

A quote that sums it up best for me came from a long time SOiL fan after a gathering that simply said, “I’ve been listening to some of those songs for 20 years, tonight I feel like I heard them for the first time all over again.”With the excitement that comes from working towards the forthcoming release of his first book, his continuing to perform and write with the band, SOiL, the itch that this project is scratching for Ryan makes its continued growth something that goes well beyond and reaches much deeper than the smile that it brings to his face.“Having the opportunity to share the stories behind these songs and lyrics has been yet another gift afforded to me by those that continue to give me the time of day.”