The Royston Club @ The Rockin Chair Live Review – By Martyn Coppack 12th August 2022

Live Review by Martyn Coppack – 12th August 2022 – Photography by Brent Jones Photography & Tim Rooney Photography

The Royston Club – The Rockin’ Chair

The term “rising like a phoenix from the ashes” may be pretty much over-used 99% of the time, but once in a blue (or shall we say red) moon, there can be no more fitting term. Bucking the trend in a post-Covid, post-where the f**k are our venues disappearing too world, one of Wrexham’s premier venues is born out of the rubble and strife of previous ownership into a flaming bird of freedom once again.

At least that’s what it feels like at tonight’s rather sweaty gig at the newly christened The Rockin’ Chair, a name which the more astute amongst you music lovers may very well recognise has being half-inched from those beloved Manc ragamuffins Oasis.

Not that there is any hint of that brotherly “love” here as the only love you can feel is a full on communal reception for Wrexham’s newest premier band, The Royston Club.

It’s hardly worth reviewing a band who tonight play to what seems like the entire of the town’s youth, blasting out their anthems like a bastardised version of Arctic Monkeys meets Gerry Cinammon, and indeed both artists feature strongly in the inevitable indie disco that complements the bands.

With ample support from another local fave Johnny Ash, and a rather excellent set from Overpass, it’s a night for all those lovers of the almighty indie rock to get down to business.

Even this burnished writer who spends the majority of his time sunk into obscure experimental jazz albums of the 70’s, casting a wry eye over proceedings with “seen it all before” look is nonetheless suitably impressed.

Perhaps more impressive, and let’s be clear that each band have enough musical chops about them to go the ultimate distance, is the almost rabid devotion that greets not just the bands, but also each song thrown out by the DJ. For those of you thinking that music (be it live or not) doesn’t matter anymore, tonight is proof that if you build it, they will come, and even a smattering of older attendees join in the inevitable terrace chants of Hollywood Reds as the revellers spill out in the street.

Through what may have been the most sweatiest gig ever, in a packed venue, the echoes of music was roared back by a new generation of music fans. Whether The Rockin’ Chair can build on this momentum remains to be seen, and the hard work for the venue starts now, but in terms of going in with a bang, tonight bore all the hallmarks of an “I was there” moment.

The Rockin Chair’s team now have a big job on their hands convincing punters in each week, but from this showing they certainly know their audience. It’s an exciting time for Wrexham, and just maybe The Rockin’ Chair can be the soundtrack of a revitalised town.

Check out the wonderful image galleries capturing the venue, the bands and the audience.

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