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About Us

Larynx began life as an offspring of Wrexham’s regular spoken word event Voicebox. Then host and founder Tim Humphreys-Jones and local rap artist Dave Acton observed the spike in hip-hop acts attending and performing and decided that housing these artists under the same umbrella would be beneficial for those involved, offering opportunities to support and collaborate with each other whilst also helping to establish the local hip-hop scene. Artists such as Runic, Misfit, Evrah Rose and Skinny Bill would all become alumni of the original Larynx format which went on to have successful showcase at festivals such as FOCUS Wales and Wrexfest with the individual artists creating and publishing material that would be supported and promoted by those within the collective and beyond.In 2018, with Pete Rogers and Danny Edwards coming on board, the platform transitioned into one that would not only cover the activity happening in Wrexham but Wales as a whole. Larynx Entertainment has since continued to shine a spotlight on hip-hop and grime in Wales plus more music and events that are happening on the welsh MOBO music landscape. Offering performance opportunities, content creation, blogging releases and general advice and signposting for acts from Wrexham to Cardiff, Bangor to Barry, Larynx Entertainment wants to showcase some of the best new music coming out of Wales as best as it can and ensure that artist’s voices are heard through a variety of mediums.

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Larynx Loaded – HDEE 06.03.2023