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Bio Hi, I’m Beth, a music writer and photographer based here in Wrexham. I’ve been writing about music since 2015, and photographing live bands since 2017, when I took up photography after my daughter decided to do a GCSE in it. It turns out I was actually not bad at taking pictures!

I run a Rock and Metal webzine with my partner, which now has a global reach, working with 70+ worldwide labels and promotion companies, and has reviewers stationed both in the UK and North and South America.

So here I am today – photographing and writing about what I really love – the euphoric feeling when you step over the threshold of a venue and feel the electric excitement in the air, and are swept up in the passion of the gathered fans ready to watch their idols shred it on stage. It’s less of a job, and more of a passionate hobby for me, but I have also done a couple of promo shoots for bands, and am always willing to discuss this with any bands who need them. Contact me via my Facebook page if you would like to know more.

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