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Below you will find the full video archive from the Evrah Rose YouTube channel

Childhood trauma – What happens to this kids?
When turns dark – a storm is coming
You didn’t mean to hurt her, right? We are not safe!
The LIES we are spoon fed from birth
Vulva love – Cervical screening saves lives
if god were a woman
I am from Wrexham – you know our GLOBAL name
School fails
Fun children’s poem – squiddleybeeps
i hate depression
Child abuse – words from a child
i am a woman – Powerful
Nothing is changing, It was never written
Hate is weak
You’re gonna go far, kid
Rich Kid Council House
La, We are Wrexham! City of culture finalist
Abortion! End the war! Our body our choice!
i believe in Wales – independence March Wrexham 02.07.2022
No one will believe you if you tell them
A constellation of courage